A Biblical Story from Renaissance Croatia 
Based on Judita by Marko Marulic (Venice, 1521)

  • 4 by Diapason
  • IRR Outstanding

Concept, text adaptation and musical creation: Katarina Livljanić

Text libretto based on Judita by Marko Marulić (Venice, 1521) & Medieval Croatian Agonies, Vartal, Zagreb, Archive HAZU, ms. IV a 31, 16th c. Ms. R. 3375, National & University Library, Zagreb

DVD + making of + CD soundtrack + booklet 
Subtitles: French, Croatian, English, German

Coproduction: Croatian National Television, Ensemble Dialogos, Alpha Productions

Alpha 702, 2013,

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Ensemble Dialogos

Katarina Livljanić: voice, direction
Sanda Herzic: staging, scenography and costumes
Albrecht Maurer: fiddle, lirica. instrumental reconstructions
Norbert Rodenkirchen: flutes, dvojnice, instrumental reconstructions

Excerpts from the DVD Judith, filmed in September 2010 in the Church of St. Donat (Zadar, Croatia), in coproduction with Croatian National Television.

Film directed by Radislav Jovanov - Gonzo

Sound engineer, editing, producing and mastering: Jean-Marc Laisné

Filmed in the church Saint Donat in Zadar, September 2010