Programme Archive

Speculum maius

In the year 2014, which celebrates the 800th anniversary of the birth of Saint Louis, the ensemble Dialogos and the Schola Royaumont will embark on a project to reveal the astonishing musical heritage of 13th-century Paris.

Tondal's Vision

This programme is based on one of the most popular stories of the 12th century, retracing the path of a knight's soul and his metamorphosis in the other world, like a premeditation for Dante's Divina Commedia

Abbo Abbas

This programme explores the oldest existing polyphonic music of Medieval Europe, from 10th century Winchester and Fleury sur Loire during the period of the famous abbot Abbon, considered to be among the most cultivated men of his time

Lombards & Barbarians

The first Benedictine Abbey in the world, founded by Saint Benedict around the year 526, Monte Cassino preserves today a mysterious silence that hides its illustrious and cruel history. In the Middle Ages, it was a place of great political importance: close to Rome, involved in the schism between the Occident and the Christian Orient. The word 'Barbarians' frequently flowed from the pens of the chroniclers of Cassino, but each time it had a different signification. The Barbarians were the 'Others' in a strange history that is always written by the victors.

Chant Wars

Voices of Dialogos (dir. Katarina Livljanic) and Sequentia (dir. Benjamin Bagby), are joined in this vision of medieval chant around the legendary 9th-century confrontation between the cantors of the Carolingian emperors and other regional European chant traditions they sought to replace with their own musical repertoires and vocal styles

Terra Adriatica

This programme, dedicated to Italian and Croatian cultures, could be labelled at first sight as a musical « diptych ». Yet, under a closer look, it appears to be a vast mosaic. Both countries offer still largely untapped resources to new discoveries: Italy, with its many liturgical traditions, and Croatia, torn between its own Slavic roots and Germanic and Italian influences.