Press Clippings

Katarina Livljanić, Christel Boiron, Clara Coutouly and Caroline Gesret have (...) captivated the audience by these ancient canticles from the Romanesque period and their meaning. (...) The refined voices of Dialogos’ singers sounded harmoniously in the choir of the abbey and in the hearts of a deeply enchanted public. The excellent idea to project the translations as supertitles, contributed to the understanding of the story. The last words uttered by the singers were: "why more words, why more?" Singing can be a wonderful alternative to speaking: Dialogos proved it.

Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, M.V. 

"No props, no sets, no costumes, no instruments — just four women in black singing about the life of a medieval British saint. Somehow this produced theatre of the highest order; a spectacular demonstration of ensemble founder Katarina Livljanic at her most creative and imaginative"

The Vancouver Sun