Press Clippings

Old is no longer what it was

(…) Ensemble Dialogos did not forget that all music - including the very oldest - is mostly the art of storytelling. (…) We went to a concert of early medieval music and came home with stories about perversions, violent acts, murders and miracles. Say again that classical concerts are boring ! (…) It advocates for Katarina Livljanic's professionalism - she has used these fabulous facts so smoothly and surely. From a resourceful playlist of medieval polyphony, she made a convincing narrative that took the form of a miracle story. (…) What could have potentially been dull two-part polyphonies, thus assumed the expressiveness of early Baroque opera. As in a duet full of excommunications, in which both voices struck and whipped up each other . Or in the prayer that started as a desperate cry of wandering voices in search of a resting point. Or the angelic healing of the poisoned Aethelwold, exposed in a cloud of fragmented melodies. Another highlight was the genealogy of Jesus' family tree. In circling formulas it suddenly seemed like you were listening to the vocal minimal music of Meredith Monk. We rarely heard a concert that jumped so easily over a thousand years of music history

Tom JANSSENS, De Standaard (Belgium)