Press Clippings

One of the most beautiful discs of medieval music to be heard for a very long time. This is an event.


Dialogos is impressive, mixing radiant vocalism and virile expressiveness.


… like mantras, the words benedictus and maledictus permeated the concert of Dialogos…

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Long after midnight, the ensemble Dialogos seduced the night-owls with music from the medieval cloister of Monte Cassino.

Kölner Rundschau

The astonishing bouquet of texts brought to light by Katarina Livljanić and her singers … was surprising, the result of a ritualistic and dramatic orientation which flourishes in song, in vocal pleasure, underlined with discreet gestures.

Dernières nouvelles d'Alsace

It is an art focused on a dramatisation of a story made of flesh and blood, rich with strong images. This deep, intelligent and sensitive work, perfectly coordinated with a very original theme, is very coherent from the beginning to the end and makes us totally enthusiastic.


In the wake of the magnificent recording titled Terra Adriatica, the latest offering by Katarina Livljanic, who has a deep knowledge of the Beneventan repertory is centred on her research into this liturgy from the south of Italy. With a renovated and exclusively male group, featuring researchers such as Benjamin Bagby (Sequentia) the result is more than thought provoking.


Breath taking voices, thanks to the marvellous beauty one can only reach, live…

La Vie Correzienne