Press Clippings

Glowing four-part polyphonies with extreme density… the beauty of these polyphonies bewitches us … Dialogos voices give depth to space and resonance to vaults. Luminous timbres of great homogeneity reflect a subtle, sensitive balance and crystal clear harmony…

Res musica

Dialogos wide-ranging singing skills give a fascinating life to this programme with a deep scholarly insight.


In addition to the beauty of poetic texts, one will particularly appreciate the beauty of voices and the spiritual strength of their interpretation.


An intense fascination rises from the four female voices. The world of medieval music seems much closer to us. Emotion rises, wonder comes, cultural dialogues are reinvented. The success of the concert at the Festival of Zamora is a moving one and marks an important moment in the short story of the festival.

El País (Spain)

"Medieval vocal hypnosis". The four singers enchanted the audience. They produced some quasi-hypnotical passages during which one closes one’s eyes to be better carried away to another dimension.

Noticias de Gipuzkoa (Spain, Festival San Sebastian)

"Pure art". Katarina Livljanic has constructed a musically irreproachable latticework of 11th century French and English monastic chant. This concert produces moments of great beauty. The four female voices are perfectly shaped with a very refined technique.

El Diario Vasco (Spain, Festival San Sebastian)

As usual with Dialogos, we are taken on a hypnotic voyage toward the Middle Ages, driven by music that often seems to come from another planet.

Gara (Spain)