Carolingian 'globalization' of medieval liturgical chant


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5 stars by Goldberg
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A joint realisation by: Dialogos (directed by Katarina Livljanić) & Sequentia (directed by Benjamin Bagby)

Voices: Benjamin Bagby, Olivier Delafosse, Olivier Germond, Katarina Livljanić, Vincent Pislar, Branislav Rakić, Jean-Paul Rigaud, Wolodymyr Smishkewych, Michael Loughlin Smith

Recorded: 15–19 November, 2004 in the grand réfectoire of the Abbey of Fontevraud (France), by John Newton, Philipp Nedel, Soundmirror, Inc. (Boston, USA). Edition Deustche Harmonia Mundi / Sony BMG.

I. The myth of Gregorian Chant

  1. Gregorius praesul
    (trope: Prologus antiphonarii)

II. Traces of oral chant traditions from Rome and Gaul

  1. Ad dominum dum tribularer
    (gradual: Roman schola chant)
  2. In convertendo dominus
    (Roman psalmody in directum)
  3. Venite, populi
    (Gallican antiphon ad communicandum)

III. Germanic voices

  1. Domine, exaudi orationem meam
    (tractus from St. Gall)
  2. Natus ante saecula
    (sequence by Notker of St. Gall)

IV. A new Roman chant tradition?

  1. Alleluia: Prosechete laos
    (Alleluia in Greek)
  2. Saepe expugnaverunt
  3. Deus enim firmavit

V. Chant in Frankish books and memories

  1. Laudate dominum
    (psalmody alleluiaticum)
  2. A solis ortu usque ad occidua
    (lament on the death of Charlemagne, 814)
  3. Collegerunt pontifices
    (processional antiphon)
  4. Christus vincit
    (Laudes regiae: acclamations for the emperor)