La Belle Époque… médiévale

Dialogos invites you for a walk in the elegant atmosphere of Parisian salons and café-concerts from the beginning of the 20th century, among poets, musicians, storytellers and raconteurs, inspired by the medieval and ancient worlds.


Dalmatica unites four women’s voices of Dialogos with six traditional cantors from Croatia. Together, they explore the richness of Dalmatian liturgical traditions, at the boundaries of Roman Catholic and Byzantine influences


Through the voice of Wulfstan the Cantor, we follow the path of a penitent man haunted by his visionary and terrifying dreams, trying to escape from three raging Furies, and finally finding salvation from Swithun, saint of all miracles. An initiatory story, where dreams and fantasies build a liberating and exhilarating musical path.

Heretical Angels

In this programme Dialogos meets traditional cantors, among  which one of today’s youngest epic singers in Herzegovina. Chants, poignant and strong, intertwine in a story verging on musical  theatre which invites the public to follow pagan and Christian rites  surrounding birth and death in this country situated in the  gateway to the East.

Barlaam and Josaphat

This concert programme is built on the legend of Prince Josaphat and his master Barlaam, whose story appears as a christianized version of the life of Buddha. A strong experience in which different languages and musical cultures meet in a surprising soundscape, like an audible Tower of Babel of medieval Europe


This staged musical drama is based on the famous biblical story  of Judith in a version from Croatian Renaissance poet Marko Marulic. A beautiful and dangerous enchantress infiltrates the palace of the Assyrian enemy, seduces the powerful general Holofernes and beheads him

A Voyage for Two Kindred Voices

Dialogos presents its new a cappella program which explores the intimate and powerful world of medieval liturgical music. As we open the door to musical worlds from a thousand years ago

Speculum maius

In the year 2014, which celebrates the 800th anniversary of the birth of Saint Louis, the ensemble Dialogos and the Schola Royaumont will embark on a project to reveal the astonishing musical heritage of 13th-century Paris.

Tondal's Vision

This programme is based on one of the most popular stories of the 12th century, retracing the path of a knight's soul and his metamorphosis in the other world, like a premeditation for Dante's Divina Commedia

Abbo Abbas

This programme explores the oldest existing polyphonic music of Medieval Europe, from 10th century Winchester and Fleury sur Loire during the period of the famous abbot Abbon, considered to be among the most cultivated men of his time