Press Clippings

"Their impressive and refined interpretation immersed us completely in the magical spirit of the Parisian music scene of the early 20th century and they amazed the audience in the ducal palace."

Zadarski list

A musical walk – from Christ to the Libertines / The chant of Katarina Livljanic enchanted the audience

Katarina Livljanic (...), like a contemporary George Sand, interpreted in a lively and refined way the melodies Claude Debussy and Erik Satie played at the Parisian cabaret the Chat Noir. We heard some songs from the Belle Epoque, imbued with an erotic and frivolous atmosphere, full of humor and charm intertwined by miniatures of Debussy and Satie, delightfully performed by Danijel Detoni. The audience was charmed by these lucid and teasing songs.

Večernji list, Denis Derk

Ensemble Dialogos reenacted a truly unique evening in the courtyard of the Dubrovnik Ducal Palace. The public was invited on an intimate walk through the Parisian salons of the early 20th century, to meet poets, musicians, actors and eccentrics inspired by Middle Ages ... The program was composed of medieval and neo-medieval melodies, but also pieces where the declamation and fragments of the Gregorian melodies are not only used for the reconstruction of historical repertoires or a musical arabesque, but also for the immense pleasure that is found in these sacred, erotic, ironic texts ... where it is impossible to separate the song from the theatrical play, all with the virtuoso accompaniment of pianist Danijel Detoni.

Glas Slavonije, N. Vek