angels nyWe are pleased to share with you excerpts from the press reviews of our two concerts at the White Light Festival organized by the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York:

"….a transfixing meditation on mortality conceived by the singer-scholar Katarina Livljanic…In a dance of the living and the dead, [the music] therefore had to be recomposed, using medieval manuscripts and oral customs, for instruments including the rebec, the gusle and the dvojnice. The songs themselves are musically bracing, particularly when sung in ganga, an intensely dissonant multi-part style from the Dalmatian hinterland.. a ritual that alternated solo songs with choral interludes in a simple staging by Sanda Herzic that effectively used the chapel’s aisles and choir loft…. Ms. Livljanic’s pure voice had an incantatory power, not least in a chanted reading from the Book of Revelation, and there was an energy in Kantaduri’s singing..."

David Allen, The New York Times, 26 October 2015

"The magnitude of Heretical Angels is not an hour-long presentation of ancient languages, creeds, mantras and music. Its importance lies in the fact that medieval music specialist Katarina Livljanic, her "Dialogos" ensemble and the "Kantaduri" ensemble, have attempted - and very well succeeded - in bringing its audience to the beginnings of human time itself."

"Ms. Livljanic had produced an epic of magic and revelation. It was the great French philosopher Antonin Artaud who wrote so expressively about theater as magic–magic language, magic gestures, magic words and music from the earth. His example was Balinese theater, which itself predates both Hinduism and Islam. Ms. Livljanic has created a religion which is liturgically antediluvian. And those of us open to its ecstatic spell may have caught a shadowy glimpse of our own still-pulsing, Divine Breath."

Harry Rolnick,, 21 October 2015

Photo: K. Starčević